Welcome Message

Invitation to the 4th AAPCHS

Woong-Han Kim

Dear colleagues and members of the Asian Association for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery (AAPCHS).

I am pleased to inform you that Korean Society of Congenital and Pediatric Heart Surgery (KSCPHS) will host the 4th AAPCHS Annual Meeting from May 31 to June 1, 2024 in Seoul, Korea. It is a great honor for me to have this opportunity. On behalf of the KSCPHS and Organizing Committee of the 4th Annual Scientific Meeting of the AAPCHS, we cordially invite you to attend and participate in the 4th AAPCHS.

We believe that this international conference will provide opportunities for exchanging ideas and opinions as well as for becoming inspired for congenital heart diseases among congenital cardiac surgeons in the Asian region. The primary goal of the 4th AAPCHS is to share our own clinical expertise according to various country’s specific situations, including developing countries, and discuss together to advance and extent a role of the pediatric and congenital cardiac surgeons for our patients. We anticipate that our meeting will be able to provide many young surgeons an opportunity to expand knowledge and overcome their challenging situations.

We kindly request that you prepare your research abstracts and unique, interesting or challenging case reports, with or without videos, based on your own clinical experiences. The submission deadline for abstracts and other information for abstract submission (format or length) will be provided soon through our website, aapchs.org.

We hope your active participation for our upcoming 4th annual scientific meeting and ask your kind interest and support to improve this scientific meeting.
With gratitude for this opportunity,

Woong-Han Kim

Woong-Han Kim
Meeting president
Korean Society of Congenital and Pediatric Heart Surgery