President’s Message

Dear Friends and colleagues,

I would like to express my sincere respect to all of you who are hectically going in and out of the operating room, regardless of all unprecedented challenges from COVID-19.

After being launched in 2019, the AAPCHS—Asian Association for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery got caught in the storm of the pandemic just when we were about to gather for the very first AAPCHS annual meeting in China, to enhance the power of the pediatric cardiovascular surgeons throughout Asia.

With all of the AAPCHS activities temporarily postponed, I am certain that many cardiovascular surgeons in Asia who had already been registered to become AAPCHS members via its website were concerned about the newest team.

Not only AAPCHS’, but also any large or small meetings, and lots of professional activities in the whole world have been rescheduled or cancelled due to COVID-19—the situation, unable to even plan the first AAPCHS gathering was becoming realistically serious.

The battle against COVID-19 will likely continue long despite the fact that we are in daily contact with patients who are treating heart conditions. Although, we cannot let it stop the innovation of, and the progress of cardiac technologies.

Let’s embrace this Asian bond that is about to take a new step forward. To work together tackling various challenges in the healthcare field now, we would like to ask for your kind attention and contribution to the first AAPCHS meeting (including financial and scientific discussions).

The first annual meeting, will be held online, hosted from China, and the board of directors will also discuss the way to choose a national representative from each country.
We look forward to your participation in this memorial 1st Annual Meeting.

President of AAPCHS
Kisaburo Sakamoto. M.D.