■How to Join

If you wish to join APPCHS, please access the on-line admission and send application.

Please read the constitution before you input the admission.

On-line Admission URL:

■The member classification and the annual fee

The annual due for Active membership is USD 200. An invoice will be sent from the secretariat in November . All member payments to AAPCHS are made with credit card.

Active membership … USD 200 yearly

Junior membership … USD 100 yearly

Associate membership … USD 100 yearly

Junior Membership

  1. a) Younger surgeons who are actively practicing as pediatric and ca) ongenital heart surgeons, who are yet to fulfill criteria for full membership, interested is being involved with activities towards care for pediatric patients with congenital heart disease as set by the Association may be accepted as Junior Members. Each AAPCHS Active, Senior, and Honorary members are allowed to recommend to Junior Members from his/her own Institution. If he/she has more experience and meets requirements, he/she can apply to become an Active Member.
  2. b) Junior Members pay reduced annual dues, as determined by the Board, but no more than 50 % of the annual dues paid by Active Members.

Active Membership

  1. a) Active Members shall complete training in pediatric and congenital heart surgery, at least available in his/her country, and preferably demonstrated by certifications of an officially recognized congenital heart surgery training program. He/she needs to be recommended by at least three (3) AAPCHS Active, Senior or Honorary members from at least 2 different countries.
  2. b) Active Members pay full annual dues and a full registration fee when they attend Annual Scientific Meetings.

Associate Membership

  1. a) Non-members, as surgeons, cardiologists, health care professionals, medical and other scientific graduates who are committed to the practice and advancement of pediatric congenital heart surgery and closely related fields are allowed to be Associate members of the Association.
  2. b) No recommendation is required to apply for Associate Members.
  3. c) Associate Members pay reduced annual dues, as determined by the Board, but no more than 50 % of the annual dues paid by Active Members and have no right to vote.
  4. d) Associate Members pay a full registration fee when they attend Annual Scientific Meeting.

The current membership campaign will continue until the end of the 2nd AAPCHS!
If you register as an Active, Junior, and Associate member of AAPCHS by the first weekend in September 2022, the items in red above will be waived. The reduction of the annual dues will only apply to the annual dues for the fiscal year 2021 and 2022.



Don’t miss this rare chance!

Until the end of 2nd AAPCHS, you can become an Active member without the usual requirements, which is you need at least three recommendations from at least two different countries.
In addition, for 2021 and 2022 only, the annual membership fee for Active members is half price (USD 100) and the annual membership fee for Junior and Associate members is waived.

All registered AAPCHS members can attend the AAPCHS Web scientific meeting for free; AAPCHS will send the link to all AAPCHS registered members to join the Scientific Meeting.

Please take this opportunity to become a member of AAPCHS!