AAPCHS Supporting Member

There is much for AAPCHS to do for healthcare in Asia, and we know that companies are always looking for further progress. AAPCHS would like to be a window and a bridge to expand the possibilities of our Supporting Members. Join us and become our partner in supporting healthcare in Asia.

Platinum …
USD 50,000 (or more) yearly
Golden …
USD 30,000 (or more) yearly
Silver …
USD 10,000 (or more) yearly
Bronze …
Less than USD 10,000 (minimum USD 1,000.00)
yearly at discretion of the Board

Please email the contact information below and attach your corporate information to the e-mail.
After receiving your email, we will send you a membership application form by email. Upon receipt of the application form, we will review it and send you a contract and invoice according to the results. You will become an official supporting member after the payment of the annual membership fee is processed by AAPCHS Head Office, and proceed with the procedure for benefits.


AAPCHS Head Office Secretariat
Asian Association for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery (AAPCHS)
Head Office Secretariat

Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Children’s Hospital

Phone + 81(0)54 247 6251
e-mail: office@aapchs.org
e-mail: Shizuoka6251children@gmail.com  
e-mail: kodomo-2176@outlook.jp

AAPCHS Secretariat
Academy Center, 358-5 Yamabuki-cho, Shinju-ku, Tokyo 162-0801, Japan
e-mail: aapchs-post@as.bunken.co.jp