Surgical Live Symposium collaborated by CHSS-Japan and AAPCHS


Right after the 3rd AAPCHS Scientific Meeting is over at 10:40 on July 8, participants can take a bus to Terumo Medical Pranex to attend the Surgical Live Symposium.

Live demonstration surgery

Dr. Zohair Al Halees is a world-renowned cardiovascular surgeon for Ross surgery and is also a board member of AAPCHS.
This is a rare opportunity to see him perform the Ross procedure. Don’t miss it!

Dr. Zohair Y. Al Halees

3D model by Cross Medical

10 of the 20 models prepared by Cross Medical will be made available to AAPCHS members. It may be a 3D soft model of the heart that is more complete than you think. The models will be provided for this symposium at an unbeatable price. You can take home the models used in this training.

Cross Medical Co., Ltd. | Supporting the medical field from Kyoto to the world through manufacturing (


July 8th, 2023 11:00
Departure from Pacifico Yokohama North by bus
Opening ceremony
Lecture and hands-on
Live demonstration surgery with piglets
– Dr. Zohair Y. Al Halees
– ROSS procedure
Closing ceremony


Terumo Medical Pranex

テルモメディカルプラネックス | 企業情報 | テルモ (


(1) Registration is required to attend this symposium.

(2) The number of participants in this symposium is limited.


3D Model Hands-on Practitioner
10 persons
20-30 persons

Live demonstration operation will be available for everyone to see on the big screen and some in the operating room.

Are you interested in attending the symposium now?

Registration Fees

Registration Fees for Symposium

AAPCHS members registered by the end of April 2023.Free of charge
AAPCHS members registered after May 1, 2023USD 50
Non-members of AAPCHSUSD 100

Registration fee for hands-on training with 3D models

In addition to the above participation fee, the following participation fee is also required for those who wish to participate in 3D model training.

AAPCHS members and non-membersUSD 150*
The participation fee, USD 150, covers the cost of the 3D model, which was provided by Cross Medical at a very reasonable price for this symposium only.

How to register

◆This symposium is a joint project of CHSS-Japan and AAPCHS. Japanese doctors cannot apply for participation from the AAPCHS side. Please refer to the information to be provided by CHSS-Japan soon.
If you wish to participate, please send Application Form for Symposium No.2 to the following e-mail address;

The deadline for registration is June 15, 2023 .

After the registration deadline, we will confirm the number of participants and let you know by e-mail whether you can participate or not. Payment of the registration fee will be made after that.

◆If the number of applicants for the observation exceeds the maximum number of participants, the following will be taken into consideration to determine the participants
(1) AAPCHS members, (2) Abstract presenters, (3) Early applicants

◆If the number of applicants for the 3D model training exceeds the maximum number, the following conditions will be taken into consideration in selecting the applicants.
(1) Abstract presenters, (2) Regionality (participants from various countries), (3) Early applicants

Schedule after the symposium

Join us for AAPCHS dinner after the symposium.

We would like to invite those who attended the Surgical Symposium to the AAPCHS dinner.

However, some people may return home without eating dinner after the symposium.

Attend a free AAPCHS dinner after the symposium
Since we had the chance to meet in Japan, why don’t we talk over dinner together?
After the symposium, go to Haneda Airport and return home by night flight
It will take approximately 1 hour and 30-40 minutes from Ninomiya Station to Haneda airport if you leave after the symposium.
★the access to Airport from Pranex.
After the symposium, go to Narita Airport and return home by night flight
If you leave after the symposium, it will take approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes from Ninomiya Station to Narita Airport.
★the access to Airport from Pranex.
After AAPCHS dinner, go to Haneda Airport and return home by night flight
If you take a flight that leaves Haneda at midnight, you might make it in time.
★the access to Airport after AAPCHS dinner.
Going to Narita airport after dinner is a bit difficult, but you might be able to reach Narita airport around 23:00.
This is the time when both the Narita Express and the Skyliner have finished operating.
Attend the AAPCHS dinner after the symposium and then go to the hotel.
However, instead of staying at the same hotel in Yokohama as on the 7th, it might be better to stay at a hotel that matches the schedule for the 9th on the night of the 8th.

★Hotel prices in Japan have been rising recently, so be sure to check not only the hotel’s official website, but also travel websites where you can find great deals.