Apr 22, 2024 NEWinformation

CrossMedical joins AAPCHS Supporting Member

Apr 12, 2024information

Message from the President has been updated.

Apr 12, 2024information

Crownjun joins AAPCHS Supporting Member

Nov 10, 2022information

Dr. Bing Jia, a founding member of AAPCHS, Executive Director of our organization and President of the first AAPCHS Annual Meeting, passed away on September 26, 2022.

Dec 24, 2021information

The current membership campaign will continue until the end of the 2nd AAPCHS.

Jul 07, 2021information

The Member Management Desk of AAPCHS is currently sending out an email to AAPCHS members about the AAPCHS annual membership fee.
If you are an Active member, please pay the annual membership fee when you receive the email.

Apr 13, 2021information

Board Members page has been updated.

Apr 07, 2021information

The annual membership fee for this year has been reduced.

Apr 07, 2021information

The requirements for becoming an active member have changed for registration until the end of 2021

Mar 11, 2021information

President’s Message update